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Rendezvous oil on canvas (40"x40") 46"x46" framed
Peregrine Heathcote

Warming Up To Summer oil on canvas 12"x24"
Scott Addis

Au Soleil Couchant oil on canvas 22"x25.5"
Elisabeth Estivalet



  Girl With Braids oil on panel 30"x24"
Ron Hicks
  Cupid mixed media pastel on paper 39"x30"
Charles Dwyer
  Looking Back oil on canvas 18"x11"
Nancy Chaboun
  Nocturne oil on canvas (24"x24") 28"x28" framed
Peregrine Heathcote

  It's Fragrance acrylic on wood 17.32"x22.4"
Ramon Lombarte
  Taking Notes oil on linen 18"x14"
Pauline Roche
  Kaleidoscope oil on canvas 28"x24" framed
Johanna Harmon

Paisley oil on panel 36"x24"
Michael Carson


  Shades Of White oil on canvas 26"x18"
Yingzhao Liu
  High On Rebellion #2 (From Latour-1865) oil on canvas and panel 60"x60"
Tim Merrett
  Reflection oil on panel 40"x42"
Treacy Ziegler
  Memory Stirring With Spring Rain 
oil on linen 24"x24"
France Jodoin

  Sunset Submission oil on canvas 24" x 36"
Scott Addis
  Evening Bay oil on canvas 42"x42"
Paul Chester

Le Printemps oil on canvas 22"x25.5"
Elisabeth Estivalet

  By The Lake oil on silver leaf 48"x48"
Hamilton Aguiar

  Evening Glow oil on canvas 8"x10"
Michele Dangelo

Underdog (Red) mixed media acrylic with resin 40"x40"
Craig Alan


Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty 
oil on canvas 48"x48"
Susan Gheyssari


Romancismo serigraph 45.5"x34.5" framed
Romero Britto


  Hearts On Fire acrylic on aluminum 32"x24" (vertical)
Kevin Barrett
  Modulation No. 9 oil on linen 48"x36"
David Michael Slonim

White Sun 15.75"x15.75"


The Tree With Gold Leaves oil on canvas with gold leaf 51"x45"

















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