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New Arrivals
Addis | Gribin | Alan

Belle oil on canvas 24" x 36"
Scott Addis

The Plate acrylic on canvas 10"x10"
Liz Gribin

Examination Of The Infinite mixed media 28"x36"
Craig Alan


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Pop Art


Bullseye ephemera, acrylic, resin on panel 36"x36"x2"
John Joseph Hanright

  Life Savers acrylic and collage wood 40"x40"
David Morico

  The Stone oil painting on canvas 48"x48"
Craig Alan
  Tomorrow giclee on canvas 20"x16"
Romero Britto

Land and Sea

  Minéral oil on canvas with gold leaf 47"x55"

Table Rock oil on canvas 28"x28"
Thom Surman


Rest oil on canvas 6"x6"
Michele Dangelo


Reflections In A Landscape oil on panel 36"x36"
Paul Chester




Hidden Light encaustic and oil 50"x48"
Jeffrey Terreson

  High on Rebellion 1 - The Sarah florals (from Fantin Latour-19th c.) oil on canvas 20"x16"
Tim Merrett
  Sugar Plum oil on panel 24"x24"
Susan Gheyssari
  Noisy epoxy and acrylic on aluminum 48"x48"
Kevin Barrett


  Study for Bird Hat mixed media (38" x 28") 43"x33" framed
Charles Dwyer

Gray Day In Milan oil on canvas 37"x30" framed
Ron Hicks

  Freebird oil on canvas 14.75"x19.25" framed
Johanna Harmon

Nocturne oil on canvas (24"x24") 28"x28" framed
Peregrine Heathcote


Rock and Roll

  The Devil In Focus giclee on paper 31.5"x45.25" image 33.5"x46.75"
Sebastian Kruger
  Shh... museum fine art print 39.3" x 27.5"
Sebastian Kruger

M.P. Jagger mixed media painting 48"x48"
Craig Alan

  Twang giclee and serigraph 24.5"x31"
Ronnie Wood















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