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Scott Addis
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Romero Britto
Jim Buckels
Michel Delacroix
Domonique Dorie
Brian Fox
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Jurgen Gorg
Ted Jeremenko
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Hisaku Kobayashi
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James Rizzi
Mackenzie Thorpe
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Hisaku Kobayashi

Painting is an emotional process for me, and the conflicted feeling it evokes
makes it a difficult process as well.
I want a poetic process in my work which harmonizes the disorder of nature—
the way music can sometimes embrace the illogical impulses that both fuel and
disrupt our lives.
To make a whole from these parts; that is what I am after. In this way my
painting, though outwardly abstract, reflects my inner reality.

--Hisako Kobayashi

Born: Tokyo, Japan
MFA 1981 Pratt Institute


2007 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
FYR Art Gallery, Firenze, Italy
Gallery Full Moon, Niigata, Japan
2006 Gallery Tenri, Paris, France
Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2005 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Claudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Honomaru Gallery, Kochi, Japan
Gallery Full Moon, Niigata, Japan
UMA/Niche Gallery, NYC
2004 Peyton Wright, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery Tenri, NYC
Gallery Kyubi, Tokyo, Japan
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2003 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Ise Art Foundation, NYC
2002 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Gallery Hoshigaoka, Kochi, Japan
2001 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Galerie Gabriel, Vienna, Austria
Collins Fine Art, Chicago, Illinois
2000 Hofstra Museum, North Salem, NY
Galerie Rieder, Munchen, Germany
1999 Galerie Sergi Popov, Berlin, Germany
Xavier University Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Ise Art Foundation, NYC
State Museum of Munchen, Germany
1998 Alex Gallery, Washington, DC
Ise Art Foundation, NYC
Japan Embassy Gallery, Washington, DC
1997 Alex Gallery, Washington, DC
Iowa City Gallery, Iowa
Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1996 Alex Gallery, Washington, DC
Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, Louisiana
Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1995 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC
Galerie Ovadia, Nancy, France
1994 Cercles Des Collectioneurs D'Art' Contemporain, Paris, France
Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC
1992 Gallery Seibu, Tokyo, Japan


2008 Tria Gallery, NYC
Chelsea Art Fair, NYC
Kouros Gallery NYC
2007 Shanghai Biennale, China
Azuma Gallery, NYC
Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York, NYC
2006 Objects of Desire - Art Auction and Gala Benefit - Chelsea Art Museum, NYC
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
Gallery SUMI, NYC
National Mohammed Theatre, Morocco
2005 Gallery SUMI, NYC
Gallery 2X13, NYC
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2004 Niche Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
State Museum of Munchen, Germany
2003 Amerika Hous Munchen, Germany
City Museum of New York, NY
2002 Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2001 Hofstra Museum, North Salem, NY
Peng Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Roger Smith Gallery, NYC
2000 Amerika Hous Munchen, Germany
Richards and Westbrook Galleries
1999 Hammond Museum, Atlanta, GA
Melvia Gallery, Lakeland, FL
Emily Lowe Gallery, Hempstead, NY
1998 Hammond Museum, Salem,
Setagaya Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Santa Fe Gallery, Gainesville, FL
1997 James Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA
Takara Gallery, Houston, Texas
1995 Roger Smith Gallery, NY
Blum Helman, NYC
1994 Sotheby's Auction, Minnesota
1993 Bronx River Art Center, NYC
1992 Fordham University Gallery, NYC
Meguro Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1991 Tokyo Art Expo, Japan
Japan Consulate, NYC
Blum Helman, NYC
1989 Brooklyn Museum, NYC
1988 New York, Brazil, Exchange Show, NYC
NAWA Annual Exhibit, NYC
Japan Consulate, NYC
1987 Soho Center for Visual Artists, NYC
1986 Japan Consulate, NYC
1985 No Se No Gallery, NYC
Brooklyn Museum, NYC
1983 Ten Downtown, New York University, NYC
Bergen County Museum, NJ
1982 Brooklyn Museum, NYC
1981 Pratt Institute Gallery, NYC



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