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David Kracov

b. 1945

David Kracov was born in Boston, MA 1968. After winning first place in two categories of an art competition at the age of 12, David was one of the youngest artists in the world to have his paintings displayed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Later David received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

In 1990, after receiving his degrees in Animation, Special Effects, and Illustration, David went straight to Los Angeles. He began his animation career for the Brad Pitt feature, Cool World, and became head of the Special Effects Department, creating and supervising all the visual effects for the movie. After production ended, David went on to work with Disney Animation, Don Bluth Animation, Rich Animation, as well as several other studios, working on such feature films as The Lion King, Aladdin, Troll in Central Park, The Pebble and the Penguin, The Swan Princess, and Thumbelina. During this time, David also worked for several Special Effects studios, creating visual effects for many feature films.

During his time as an animator, David began experimenting with different types of clay, and started sculpting the characters from those films he animated. Having no formal training, David quickly discovered that he had a passion for sculpting. On a Friday evening, in late April 1993, a gallery specializing in animation art had an opening of David's personal line of sculptures and one-of-a-kind chess sets. As chance would have it, while waiting for reservations at a restaurant next door to the gallery, a buyer for the Warner Bros. Studios Stores decided to pass the time walking through the gallery. He was so impressed with the style and the subject matter of David's sculptures that within days, David was commissioned to create a limited edition chess set for the Warner' Bros. Studio Stores.

The chess set was titled "Looney Trails" and was produced in a limited edition of just 50 chess sets, hand-sculpted by David using a special formulation of polymer clay created specially for him. The 50 chess sets required almost eight months to complete and sold out within two days of their release. Not long after that David was contracted by Disney Studios to create sculptures of individual characters as well as chess sets for their stores, galleries, theme parks and catalogue.

In 2006-2007, David was commissioned by the National Holocaust Museum to create a sculpture to pay tribute to the children who lost their lives in the Holocaust. The sculpture depicts Warner Bros. characters standing around a boxcar with their heads bowed in contemplation. Tazmanian Devil is seen tearing the roof off the boxcar, releasing 517 butterflies. The butterflies represent the souls of the children who lost their lives at Auschwitz being set free. Specifically, each butterfly represents 1,989 children. Each butterfly was hand-painted by David. As a tribute to this sculpture, David now adds one single butterfly to almost every edition he creates. This has become David's signature trademark.

Today, David Kracov is the worldwide exclusive licensed sculptor of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Betty Boop, Peanuts, and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride characters, as well as creating limited edition and one-of-a-kind sculptures for Disney Studios. David's sculptures are included in the collections of several of Hollywood's elite entertainment names and organizations, including Disney Studios, Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Joel Silver, and Richard Donner.




1980 Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

1994-1999 Warner Bros. Studio Store Gallery (Beverly Hills, CA; Las Vegas, NV;
Manhattan, NY; Torrance, CA; Glendale, CA)

1997-1998 Disney Galleries (New York, NY; Las Vegas, NV; Anaheim, CA)

2006 Eden Fine Art; New York, NY
Eden Gallery; Tel Aviv, Israel
Animazing Gallery; SoHo, NY
Art Symbol; Paris, France
Nuances et Lumiere Lyon, France

2007 Eden Gallery; Jerusalem, Israel
Art Expo, NY

2008 Eden Fine Art; New York, NY


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