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b. 1965

I want to show the beauty in its purity through my art: the beauty seen on the light hidden in the most pure things of life; and by looking at my art you will understand that all you need in life is to look at the simple things with your heart and see the beauty of its light.

Through basic shapes and silhouettes of trees, contrasted against the luminosity of silver or copper leaf, Aguiar is able to create landscapes that fulfill his above-stated artist mission. The result of his aesthetic process are haunting and mysterious works that resonate deeply within any viewer. 

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1965, Aguiar discovered his passion for rendering and creating at an early age. In 1987, Aguiar made the decision to relocate to the United States to develop his career as an artist. As an artist, Aguiar focused on landscape, and became fascinated with the human body’s relationship to it.  His artistic style developed slowly over the years, emerging organically out of a series of trials and errors. When he discovered the effect of using metal leaf as a ground for his canvases, he knew he had something special. From this, further exploration lead to the incorporation of copper leaf and resin to create an entirely different but equally intriguing aesthetic.

The internationally recognized artist has work in prestigious private and public collections around the world. Most notably, several of his pieces can be found in the Museum of Latin American Art in California. Aguiar is hugely grateful to the art community in the United States, to which he credits much of his success. Additionally, he wants to show this appreciation by working with nationally known conservation foundations that address deforestation.

Victor Forbes of Fine Art Magazine observes:

Aguiar is inspired by America with its changing seasons and varied landscapes from Colorado’s Aspen pines to the Florida palm trees to the changing leaves of the Northeast. His finished composition is a sophisticated interpretation of a contemporary landscape theme, which gives his art a universal appeal. While Aguiar’s forest view landscapes are “muralistic” in their coverage of scenery, the stark, resin-coated and strongly colored renditions of single or multiple trees brings minimalism to a new level of depth, energy and excitement. Infused with primary reds, yellows, blacks, and blues, [and] liberally swathed in metallic leaf, these images, some up to 96” wide, are powerful yet subdued. In their elegant line and form, simplicity radiates, yet there is no tiring of them upon viewing after viewing. The colors are luscious, the technique impeccable.

Permanent Collections:

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA


2017     Aspen Grove Fine Arts, Aspen, CO
2017     Masters Gallery, Vail, CO
2017     ODH, Open Design House, Amagansett, NY
2017     Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, NY
2017     Blank Space Gallery, Art New York, NY
2017     Newbury Fine Arts Pop Nouveau Boston, MA
2017     Blank Space Gallery, New York, NY
2017     Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary-Palm Beach, FL
2017     Context New York-New York, NY
2016     Context Art Fair-Miami, FL
2016     Hazelton Galeries-Toronto, CA
2016     Massters Galleries, Vail, CO
2016     Aspen Grove Gallery-Aspen, Co
2016     Art Santa Fe-Santa Fe, NM
2016     Irazoqui Art Gallery-Wynwood, FL
2016     AAF-Hempstead, UK
2016     Art New York at Pier 94-New York, NY
2016     Nan Miller Gallery-Rochester, NY
2016     Art Wynwood-Miami, FL
2016     Silver Lining Fine Art-Miami, FL
2015     Art Silicon Valley-CA
2015     Artefacto Design House-Coral Gables, FL
2015     Art Southampton-Bridgehampton, NY
2015     Art Wynwood-Miami, FL
2014     Solo exhibition at Wynwood Art Group – Miami, FL
2014     Select Contemporary Art Fair, Miami, FL
2014     Atlas Gallery, Chicago, IL
2014     Art Hamptons – Bridgehampton, NY
2014     Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach, FL
2014     ArtBasel Week, Wynwood – Miami, FL
2013     ArtBasel Week, FL
2013     Atlas Gallery – Chicago, IL
2013     Art Aspen, CO
2013     Art Hamptons, NY
2013     Nan Miller Gallery – Rochester, NY
2013     Newbury Fine Arts – Boston, MA
2013     Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach, FL
2012     Art Naples – Naples, FL
2012     Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach, FL
2011     Museu Inimá de Paula – Belo Hoorizonte, MG, Brasil
2011     Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach, FL
2011     Nan Miller Gallery – Rochester, NY
2010     Mensing Gallerie – Berlin/Munich/Hamburg, Germany-UK
2010     Art Hamptons – Southampton, NY
2009     Mensing Gallerie – Berlin/Hamm/Dusseldorf, Germany-UK
2009     Nan Miller Gallery – Rochester, NY         
2008     Hawk Gallery Columbus, OH
2008     NY Artrageous, New York, NY
2008     Newbury Fine Arts – Boston, MA
2008     E.S. Lawrence Gallery, Aspen, CO
2008     SOFA, Chicago, IL
2008     SOFA, New York, NY
2008     Nan Miller Gallery – New York
2008     The Redstone Gallery, Parck City, UT
2007     Artists of the World, Calgary, Canada
2007     Artmosphere Gallery, Southhampton, NY
2007     Gallery Utstallningssalongen – Stockholm
2007     Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, NY
2007     The Redstone Gallery, Parck City, UT
2007     Artrageous, New York, NY
2006     Newbury Fine Arts – Boston, MA
2006     The Redstone Gallery – Utah
2006     Beverly Hills Classic – California
2006     Northern Lights – Whistler, Canada
2006     Art Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
2006     ArtMiami, Miami Beach, FL
2005     Art Miami Beach – Florida
2005     Nan Miller Gallery – New York
2005     Artmosphere Gallery – New York
2005     Chicago Contemporary & Classic – Illinois
2005     Korea International Art Fair – Seoul, Korea
2005     Art Singapore – Singapore, Philippines
2005     Shanghai Art Fair – Shanghai, China
2005     Toronto International Art Fair – Toronto, Canada
2005     Whistler Art Gallery – Whistler, Canada
2004     New York Art Expo – New York
2004     Nan Miller Gallery-Rochester, New York
2004     Renaissance Fine Art – Maryland
2004     Toronto International Art Fair – Toronto, Canada
2004     E.S. Lawrence Gallery – Colorado
2004     Whistler Art Gallery – Whistler, Canada



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