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Ramon Lombarte

Painting with a dramatic use of light and shadow, Ramon Lombarte has often been compared to Edward Hopper. Each soulful Lombarte painting exudes the rich mediterranean hues of sunbaked clay and Catalan blues.

Working with models since his early days studying at Picasso's Massana School of Fine Art Barcelona, Ramon Lombarte sought to absorb and paint the essence of the female figure. He was forever fascinated by the beauty and spirit of women.

Lombarte was essentially part of the DNA of Newbury Fine Arts as he was one of the original artists who participated in NFA's annual Figurative group show for over 20 years. Additionally, many of you may have had the chance to meet the artist at his many solo and group exhibitions at the gallery.


Speaking Silence acrylic painting 57.48"x44.88"

Three Graces On The Table acrylic on wood 7.9"x19.7"

The Power Of Love acrylic painting 57.4"x44.88"

Lolita acrylic on wood 6.29"x10.62"


Caracus lithograph (28.5"x24.375") 42"x37.5" framed


A Gentle Breeze acrylic on wood 15.74"x31.49" sold


June In The Mirror acrylic on wood 7.87"x19.68" sold


It's Fragrance acrylic on wood 17.32"x22.4" sold


Life Comes To You acrylic on wood 7.87"x19.69" sold


Round acrylic on wood 6.29"x10.62" sold

Learn more about Ramon Lombarte's newest series of innovative "DigiWorks" here


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