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Ronnie Wood

b. 1947

   Ronnie Wood was born in 1947 in Middlesex, England, into a musical and artistic family. Before beginning his musical career he received formal art training at Ealing College of Art in London. As his musical career with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and the Rolling Stones progressed, Ronnie continued to paint and draw, his subjects ranging from musicians he admired, knew and sometimes played with, to family and close friends, and, of course, the self-portrait.

   Throughout the years the artist and the musician have been inseparable. It is as natural to find him with a pencil as with a guitar, drawing portraits of contemporaries and finding inspiration from his musical influences. In America in the early 1980’s Ronnie produced his first prints – three woodcuts and a series of monotypes. At that time he was not yet an experienced printmaker, so it was with great enthusiasm that he seized upon the opportunity to spend several months working in a professional printmaking studio in England in 1987. Since then he has devoted a considerable amount of time to printmaking and has produced a number of images using various techniques –etching, drypoint, screenprint and digital.
   Over the years his work has been widely exhibited. In 1996 he had a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions in North and South America, in the Far East and throughout Europe.


2006   Newbury Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts USA                     
2005   Newbury Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts USA
        **** Coinciding with the Rolling Stones World Tour                    
2003   Art Collection House Tokyo Japan
2003   Klim Gallery London Canada
2003   C Anthony Gallery Beaver Creek, Colorado USA
2003   Gallery Zueger Aspen, Colorado USA
2003   Gateway Gallery Vail, Colorado USA
2003   Masters Gallery Denver, Colorado USA
2003   Off the Wall Gallery Houston, Texas USA
2003   Pop International Gallery New York, New York USA
2003   Klim Gallery Montreal Ontario Canada
2002   Entertainment Gallery Las Vegas, Nevada USA
2002   San Francisco Art Exchange San Francisco, California USA
2002   Hamilton Selway Beverly Hills, California USA
2002   Klim Gallery Toronto, Ontario Canada
2002   Art Metro Gallery Cleveland, Ohio USA
2002   Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland, Ohio USA
2002   Pop International Gallery New York, New York USA
2002   Gallerie le Femme Prague Czech Republic
2001   Luchtbal Cultural Center Antwerp Belgium
2001   Royal Academy summer Exhibition London England
2001   Isetan Gallery Tokyo Japan
1999   Konzerthaus Karlsruhe Germany
1998   Austrian Taboo Museum Vienna Austria
1998   Go Gallery Amsterdam Netherlands
1998   Alte Kunsthalle Berlin Germany
1997   Art Collection House Tokyo Japan
1997   Old Casino Velden - Worthersea Austria
1996   Buddy Holly Theater Hamburg Germany
1996   Miro Gallery Prague Czech Republic
1996   Buenos Aires is Praxis Buenos Aires Argentina
1996   Nora Roesler Gallery Sao Paulo Brazil
1996   Museum of Modern Art (Retrospective) Sao Paulo Brazil
1995   Isetan Gallery Tokyo Japan
1995   Jaeggi Gallery Basel Switzerland
1995   Segal Gallery Seattle, Washington USA
1995   Hansen Gallery New Orleans, Louisiana USA
1995   Circle Gallery Chicago, Illinois USA
1995   Circle Gallery New York, New York USA
1995   Circle Gallery Denver, Colorado USA
1994   Christies Contemporary Art London England
1994   San Francisco Art Exchange San Francisco, California USA
1994   New York Paris Gallery Maui, Hawaii USA
1992   Ambassador Gallery New York, New York USA
1991   Thomas Charles Gallery Las Vegas, Nevada USA
1991   San Francisco Art Exchange San Francisco, California USA
1991   Bayside Palace Fukuoka Japan
1991   Keiden Hall Kobe Japan
1990   Saiden Hall Kyoto Japan
1989   Newbury Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts USA
1989   Art Collection House Osaka Japan
1989   Istan Gallery Tokyo Japan
1988   San Francisco Art Exchange San Francisco, California USA
1988   Madison Gallery Los Angeles, California USA
1987   Hamilton Gallery London England
1987   (Traveling Show)  USA/England
1987   Earl McGrath Gallery Los Angeles, California USA
1987   San Francisco Art Exchange San Francisco, California USA
1987   Gowanda Gallery Washington, DC USA
1987   Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, Texas USA
1987   Christies Contemporary Art New York, New York USA
1985   Christies Contemporary Art London England
1985   Katherine Hamnett London England
1985   Foster Goldstrom Gallery Dallas, Texas USA


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