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Gallery Articles and Awards


Boston Voyager - The Boston Arts & Culture Weekly Review

Mandarin Oriental - Gallery Article 2008

Fine Art Connoisseur - May/June 2013

Mayor Menino Certificate of Recognition

Hamilton Aguiar


Mountain Living article "Hamilton Aguiar’s Silver Reflections"

Fine Art Magazine article titled "Hamilton Aguiar’s Mystical Forests", Spring 2005

"Silver Lining" hardbound book about the artist. Produced by Sunstorm Arts Publishing 2006. 

Florida Design, Spring 2012


Craig Alan


8 West,"Atlanta's Newest Public Art Piece Flies High Above West Midtown", August 4, 2020

Pendulum Magazine, Novemeber 23, 2018

Sony Music, September 4, 2018

Elle Decor, July 20, 2017

Boston Design Guide, November 2, 2016

I Love Durban, July 17, 2014

Nashville Arts Magazine, TN, December 8, 2013

Furia Magazine, Antioquia, July 10, 2012

Stupid Dope Lifestyle Magazine, July 2, 2012

Five Thot Marketing, May 29, 2012

Daily Mail Reporter, UK, May 2, 2012

Nest, August 29, 2009

Zilla On-line Magazine

The Coolist Magazine


Romero Britto
  The Harvard Crimson - November 2010  
Greg Calibey
  Jetset Magazine,Perpetual Outsider: Master of Observation and Experimentation, November 15, 2013  
Michael Carson

  Klassik Magazine, January 21, 2019

ArtNet News, March 21, 2018

Resident Magazine, "The Next Artworld Superstar", September 7, 2016

Hi Fructose Magazine, " Michael Carson Captures the Fleeting Moments of Modern People", September 14, 2015

Phoenix People, "Michael Carson: Artist", November 16, 2015

Elusive Magazine, "Featured artist: Michael Carson, September 24, 2015

Pursuit of Daydreams, "Michael Carson"
Nancy Chaboun
  Southwest Art,"Nancy Chaboun - An Emotional Edge", November 2007  
Paul Chester
  Country Cottage Connection, July/August 2018  
Randy Cooper
  Natural History Museum  
Michele Dangelo
  Artscope - June 23, 2011

Kellog World Alumni Magazine, Winter 2001

Charles Dwyer

  Caggio Blog: An Art Experiment, November 2010  
Brian Fox

  Inside track Boston Herald - march 6, 2011  
Susan Gheyssari
  Boston Common Magazine, Society & Culture, March 2019
Boston Common Magazine, A 'Swan Lake' - Inspired Exhibit, March 2019

Liz Gribin


The Boston Globe - August 12, 2007

American Style - June 2006

The Boston Globe - October 21, 2005

Johanna Harmon


Fine Art Connoisseur, January 2022

International Artists Magazine, February 2019

International Portrait Society, April 2017

Potrait Society Of America, June 2017

303 Magazine, April 2016

International Artist Magazine, February 2016

American Art Collector, February 2016

Fine Art Connoisseur, October 2014

Southwest Art, November 2013

John Pototschnik Blog, November 2013

SouthWest Art, November 2004


Peregrine Heathcote


AZ Foothills Magazine, "The Path To Englightenment"

The Luxury Channel Magazine," Peregrine Heathcote paints Ralph Lauren

Mrs. Foskett Blog October 22, 2018

Artists on Art, May-June 2017

Meeting Benches, April 2017

American Art Collector, May 2015

Lemontrend Blog, August 6, 2015

House and Garden, July 2015

Metro US July 23, 2015

Art Contrarian,"Peregrine Heathcote's 1930s Pseudo-Nostalgia"

American Art Collector - December 2014

Art Collector - February 2012

Epicurean Life - Fall 2011

BBC - Star Paintings With Rolph Harris

Southwest Art Magazine Interview -
21 Over 31

Julian Fellows on Peregrine Heathcote


Ron Hicks


Art Renewal Center, "14th Annual ARC Salon", 2019-2020

"Ron Hicks: Esoteric Meanderings" September 28, 2019

Denver Life Magazine, "Spotlight: Ron Hicks, A Q&A with Denver painter Ron Hicks", May 30, 2019

Vail Daily, "Renowned artist Ron Hicks to display a new type of art in Vail", February 6, 2019

Linda Petrie Bunch,"Ron Hicks: Romance And Mystique", September 19, 2017

Southwest Art, "More Than Pretty" April 5, 2015

Vail Daily, Artist Ron Hicks returns to Vail International Gallery on Saturday, December 26, 2014

Southwest Art, "Show Preview | Gallery 1261: Ron Hicks", October 15, 2013

Artists Network

The New York Optimist

Stephen Holland

  Major League Baseball - 2004

Art Business News - May 1998

Millionaire - Magazine Cover

Sports Collectors Digest

Nike - January 1993

Larry Horowitz

  MV Times, "Plein air artist Larry Horowitz connects with the Vineyard landscape", July 19, 2017

Cape Cod Life Publications, "Artist Profile: Larry Horowitz, oil painter", January 2017

The New York Times: Home and Garden - May 2013
(Horowitz's "Central Park" in collector's home)

The New York Times: Art Reviews - May 2002

The News Press, Florida - 2002

The New York Times: Art Review - August 2000

Lifetime, MD - February 2000

The New York Times Art Review - July 1999

The Blade, OH - 1996

The New York Times: Art Reviews - November 1995

Cape Cod Life - August 1994

The New York Times: Art Review - July 1989


France Jodoin


Magazin' Art, "Otherness, By France Jodoin", December, 2017

Artoronto,"France Jodoin: Time and its Reflection at Thompson Landry", December, 2015

Anna Rossi interviews Kristine Mullaney for BDC Style Watch featuring painting by France Jodoin

Cowansville artist draws international attention, 2013

Un couple bien assorti, 2012

De petites histoires sur grands formats, 2012

Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke – Simple Short Stories 2012

“Photographer Gabor Szilasi and painter France Jodoin” 2008

“No Sailors without Waters”  2012

Chassé, Bernard. “Intuition” 2010

"Making Monkeys" by Susan Surette, 2013

"Simple Short Stories" by Sarah Boucher, 2012

Essay by Lucienne Lefebvre Glaubinger and Jacqueline Hébert Stoneberger

Hisako Kobayashi

  Press quotes  

Sebastian Kruger


Value Rich Magazine,"Paper Lions The Personality Portraits of Sebastian Kruger"

Weblog:Featuring Kruger

where magazine - March 2011

Faces by Kruger - Artist's Book Signing

Kruger's blog

The Boston Globe, Sidekick - Sept. 20, 2006

Stones by Kruger - Artist's Book Signing

Rolling Stone Magazine - June 1996

Rolling Stone Magazine - December 1994


Ying Zhao Liu

Joseph Lorusso

  Fine Art Connoisseur October 2014

Southwest Art Magazine September 2014

American Art Collector March 2014
Tim Merrett
  Peterborough Examiner February 2018  
Opie Otterstad

My Fox Boston:Interview: April 2008

NECN: News Interview: April 2008

Boston Herald - April 7, 2008

Boston Globe - April 5, 2008

Chicago Sun Times - 2007

Boston Globe - May 2005

Boston Herald - May 2005

Boston.com - May 2005
Virginia Peck

The Boston Globe, Style Section June 2014

Marlene Rose

Tampa Bay Magazing September/

October 2013 featured article

Pauline Roche


Southwest Art - Aristic Excellence 2018: Meet The Finalists, November 2018

Oil Painters Of America Magazine: Brushstrokes, Summer 2017

American Art Collector - Classic and Contemporary - The Oil Painters of America's 26th annual National Juried Exhibition, May 2017

Southwest Art - Artistic Excellence - Article: Meet the Finalists, December 2016

Southwest Art Artistic Excellence - Article: Meet the Finalists December 2016

Fine Art Connoisseur - May 2014

American Art Collector - 'Twenty Years of Art', February 2014

Southwest Art - February 2014

The Artists Magazine November 2013

American Art Collector - 'An Enduring Tradition' - Oil Painters of America National Exhibition, May 2013

American Art Collector - A Touch of Romance, February 2013

Southwest Art - Artistic Excellence - Meet the 13 Artists Who Came Out on Top in Our Annual Art Competition, December 2012

American Art Collector - October Art Show Preview - 'Western Wonders. Oil Painters of America 2012 Western Regional Exhibition heads to Denver, Colorado.', October 2012

The Artist's Magazine - Winners of the 29th Annual Art Competition, December 2012

The Artists Magazine March 2012

American Art Collector, November 2011

American Art Collector November 2010

The Artists Magazine January 2010

American Art Collector August 2009

American Artist, May 2007

Andy Summers

  The Boston Globe - July 7, 2007

The Boston Globe - July 28, 2007

Foster's Online - July 11, 2007

SeaCoastOnline.com - July 25, 2007

boston.com - July 11, 2007

boston.com - June 21, 2007

American Photo - Dec. 27, 2005

Rolling Stone - January 5, 2006

Los Angeles Times - June 27, 2007

Introducing Fender Custom Summers Tribute Telecaster Guitar...

Andy Summers Day - July 27, 2007
Thom Surman
  Art LA Magazine February 2015: Artist In focus  
Jeffrey Terreson
  Designer Kristine Mullaney features Jeffrey Terreson

Traditional Home features Jeffrey Terreson's artwork in the home of Joseph Abboud
Lynne Windsor
  Santa Fean February/March 2010

Southwest Art
Ronnie Wood

  WZLX live - Janaury 2006

New York Times - July 2010

Boston Globe - January 5, 2006

Boston Globe - December 27, 2005

Boston Herald - December 18, 2005

Somerville Journal, 2005

Boston Globe - August 24 , 2005

Boston Herald Inside track - August, 2005
Treacy Ziegler

Artists On Art, The Artist's Tardis

Mary Beth Roach, “Treacy Ziegler: Sculptor, Painter and Printmaker.” Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine, February 12, 2019

Odon Wagner Gallery, catalogue, Points Of A Compass; Treacy Ziegler

Melissa Tuckey, "Tenuous Chapel." Collection of Poems, Cover. ABZ Press. 2013

American Art Collector, September 2010

Robin Rice, "Life as a House", Citypaper, November 18, 2009

Andrew Mangravite, "A Psychic drama about to unfold," Broad Street Review, November 14, 2009

Chase Gallery catalogue. 2008. Treacy Ziegler: Migration

Odon Wagner Gallery catalogue, 2007: "Treacy Ziegler, An Open Window."

Deborah Cummins. "Counting The Waves." Collection of Poems, Cover. Word Press. 2006

Andrew Mangravite. "Treacy Ziegler: Film Noir In Living Color."Broad Street Review. February 2006

Odon Wagner Gallery catalogue, 2004, "Treacy Ziegler: Shadow Play."

The Georgia Review "Fables of Lights." Featured artist. Winter 2003, Vol. LVII. No.4

Epoch Magazine, V.52 No. 1.

R.B. Strauss, "The New Reality of Treacy Ziegler's Realm." Art Matter, May 2003.

EPOCH Magazine, V.51, No. 2 series cover, 2003

Cat Mcquaid, "Shades of Loneliness," review, The Boston Globe, December 20, 2002

EPOCH Magazine, V.51, Number 2, series cover, 2002

Odon Wagner Gallery, catalogue, 2002, "Treacy Ziegler: Out of Darkness"

Gettysburg Review, 14, images, "Treacy Ziegler". Featured artist. Winter 2001

EPOCH Magazine, V.50, Number 3, series cover, 2001

Edward J Sozanski, "Light & Enlightenment," review, The Philadelphia Inquire, Jan, 2002

Jane Holtz Kay. "Urban Landscape. The Geography of Inequity." Designer/Builder.

Journal of the Human Environment. March 2001.

Cate Mcquaid, "Ziegler is Haunted by Absences," review, The Boston Globe, January 21, 1999

Gerard Brown, "Color/Form," review, Philadelphia Weekly, May 14, 1997

Andrew Mangravite, "Haunted Houses,"Philadelphia Forum, May 15, 1997

Odon Wagner Gallery, catalogue, 1996, "Treacy Ziegler

Edward J. Sozanski, "Gallery Review," The Philadelphia Inquirer, March, 1995

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