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Nancy Chaboun

b. 1954

   Whether it is a figure or a still life, artist Nancy Chaboun captures an instant, in her paintings, which endures through time. Working with quick broad, brush strokes Chaboun defines and juxtaposes the figure within an interior setting.  This juxtaposition of planes creates an aesthetic tension that is both provocative and emotional.  Perhaps, a poignant moment in time, painted on canvas hence forever remembered.  The figures seem to radiate luminosity: the effect is paradoxically subtle and dramatic. 

   With her keen observation, it is not surprising that included in her oeuvre are rare still life oils. These compositions reveal finely rendered treasured objects creating a different tone all together.  An array of asparagus, onions and garlic beautifully arranged with heirlooms of Canton vases and copper pitchers bathed in a soft light from richly painted tapestry-like backgrounds suggest a sense of peace and harmony.  Chaboun shows us the beauty and perfection of every day objects skilfully using light as it defines form and depth breathing life and history into each element charging the painting with an emotional energy. Chaboun has immortalized cherished items as simple as a Limoges teacup, allowing her fruits and vegetables to seemingly emote through her superb attention to texture.

   Educated at Arizona State University and Instituto Allende of Mexico, Nancy Chaboun has been distinguished in One Woman shows at The Scottsdale School.  She has participated in group Exhibitions through the US, Europe and the Middle East.  Currently she is affiliated with the Scottsdale Artist School where she is working in a workshop with respected artists David Leffel, Harley Brown, and Milt Kobayashi

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